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Quartz Slicing & Cutting

Wire Saw Slicing...

Our wire saw slicing technology is one of the most efficient and economical means of cutting expensive materials such as quartz.  The wire saw limits the loss of material to 0.010".  The wire saw is most beneficial for volume slicing.  Our cutting parameters are listed below:

Wire Saw Capacity:

Maximum Rectangle:  Height: 620mm x Width: 580mm
Maximum Outside Diameter: 580mm
Max. Square: 580mmx580mm
Maximum Thickness for Ring material: 1.024"

Maximum Thickness for Solid material: 0.808"
Minimum thickness for Ring material: 0.0152"
Minimum thickness for Solid material: 0.0152"

Multiple thickness and sizes can be cut on a single load. GM Associates, Inc. can assist you and come up with the most economical cutting solution for your requirements. We are not limited to only cutting quartz. Ask our experienced sales engineers for more information about cutting your special material. Request a quote

Wire Saw Capacity Wire Saw Capacity

CO2 Laser Cutting...

Laser cutting is a very efficient way to cut precise and accurate holes and shapes in quartz materials. Our laser can cut quartz material from 0.020" to 0.400" thickness with precise accuracy. (Thinner material can be cut upon request.) Request a quote

Cutting travel: 48" and up to 16" in diameter on the rotary table
Work surface:  48" x 68"

CO2 Laser cutting CO2 Laser cutting

Water jet Cutting

Our water jet has a cutting capacity of 60"L x 48"W x 0.15" - 3"THK. The water jet machine's flexible programming for artwork or unusual shapes and features is perfect for many projects. The machine can cut almost any material with accuracy. The cutting is a pressurized water abrasive mix that allows us to cut quartz or other materials. Request a quote

Water jet cutting Water jet cutting

Band Saw Slicing...

Band Saw slicing is a rough saw cut finish that can be used when you need a blank or a near net shape. This is an economical way to buy blank material so that you can finish the part in your own machine shop. Our maximum cutting capabilities are: Request a quote

Table Size X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Max Cut Width
22" x 36" 48" 24" 35" 6"
34" 8"
33" 26.5"

Band Saw Slicing Band Saw Slicing

ID Slicing...

Our 330mm Id slicing machine is used when small quantities or larger thickness need to be sliced. This machine is perfect for discs and wafers up to 330mm. Request a quote

ID Slicing ID Slicing


GM can slice, drill and machine your material to your desired length and width or diameter.  We can cut many shapes and thicknesses.   Also, we can cut to your "near net shape" so you can finish your project as needed. Request a quote

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