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Momentive Performance


Momentive Performance Materials: Manufacturer of quartz tubing/rod/solid quartz materials GE124,144,214,224,244,219,I21,HDO,AA Grade,021,012,219

Quartz Properties/Calculators:

Momentive Formulation Capability Data Sheet (PDF - 172KB)
Momentive Electrically Fused Quartz Data Sheet
GE IR Transmission Chart (PDF - 17.9KB)

Heraeus Quartz America: Manufacturer of quartz tubing/rod/solid materials/porous discs/wool HSQ100, HSQ300, HSQ700, OM100, Supersil synthetic materials, TSC materials

Quartz Properties: 

Heraeus Quartz Wool Properties Downloads (PDF - 594KB)
High Purity Porous Filter Discs (PDF - 1.80MB)
TSC Series(PDF - 744KB)
Basic Material Division (PDF - 1.80MB)  
Heraeus Tubing HSQ 100-300-700  (1.2MB)
Heraeus OM100  (1.19MB)

TOSOH Quartz SGM: Manufacturer of quartz solid materials OP1, OP3, OP3HD, N,S

TOSOH Properties Fused Silica Glass   Optical Silica Glass

 Qsil: Manufacturer of quartz cylinder materials

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